The principles by which we individually practice and that we collectively bring to MDW are built upon the Charter of the Congress for the New Urbanism. Urbanists at heart but not all city-dwellers, we believe in time-efficient, well managed, open public planning processes.  Often our work flow uses the charrette process and we include innovative branding, outreach and strategic programming to encourage stakeholder participation.  Depending on client needs and project scope, we assemble the right team to efficiently produce work that is both inspiring and useful.  

And while our name gives our location away, our team members work extensively throughout New England and nation-wide.   

our services

We strive to create products that are both inspirational and practical, resulting in added value to our clients' projects.  We offer the following services:

  • Conceptual Design for Private Landowners (Commercial and Residential)
  • Developer's Representative
  • Comprehensive Planning and Downtown Master Plans
  • Urban Design and Site Permitting
  • Tactical Urbanism
  • Transportation Planning and Street Design 
  • Public Facilitation
  • Form Based-Coding and Technical Assistance Workshops
  • Municipal Services
  • Project Research

For those projects that aren't quite off the back of the napkin, MDW offers competitive hourly consulting rates.